Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism Check

Our Plagiarism Check service helps you identify contents in your manuscript that might be hailed by the journal for plagiarism. By using our Plagiarism Check service, we thoroughly check your manuscript for contents that may be flagged as plagiarized by using by using iThenticate, a widely used web tool in the academic research community to check the originality of a document. We provide a report that highlights the problematic sections of your document, along with a publication expert’s comment on how these sections may affect the journal’s evaluation.

In many cases, difficulty in English language could bring about manuscripts that have unintended cases of plagiarism. Such cases are seen by journals as an infringement of ethical publication standards which frequently prompt dismissal. Plagiarism additionally causes damage to an author's reputation and credibility as a researcher.

How to check your manuscript for plagiarism?

STEP 1: Upload your manuscript and select "Plagiarism Check" as your preferred service.

STEP 2: Make payment using the payment link generated.

STEP 3: On receipt of your manuscript and confirmation of payment, we scan your manuscript for plagiarism, using iThenticate. We use plagiarism detection software (iThenticate) to compare the contents of your manuscript with over 38 million scholarly articles, books, and conference proceedings.

STEP 4: After the scan is complete, our publication experts will send to you via email a report that recommends the relevant corrective action, depending on the seriousness of the issue.

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